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December 14, 2012
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Since I was spending too much for what was a basic static ASP.Net site I decided to drop it and just redirect here to my blog (which I have not been keeping up, but promise to try harder!


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Fishy shit in Vienna

October 7, 2007
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Naked Hungarian Opera

February 23, 2005
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When I was 20 I lived for a year in Europe. I had spent almost three years there in the army and after I got out was dissapointed in so much back in the states that I decided I would rather live in Europe than in the states. So, I went back. With no money and no real education I really didn’t have much chance for a real future there so I ended up living by my wits and counting heavily on the kindness of others. When I was young I lived in Bavaria for a while as an expatriate. I had no money and very little prospect, but I was, after all, an American and figured everyone there would want to give me a job. After losing not one but two jobs in rapid succession I determined that the best thing for me to do was to take a vacation.

My girlfriend at that time suggested we go to Greece. I said we should take along my French friend Gerard who was living in Paris at the time.

I told her I should send a letter to my parents in the states, that they would surely send me a few hundred dollars to make the trip, hell, they had it to spare. In the meantime, she would give me enough money to travel to Paris and pick up Gerard for the trip.

When he and I got back I was told that she had made a trip to Holland because she thought she was pregnant and in Holland they had a pill, blah, blah, blah…but that Gerard and I should go ahead down and send her our location, she would follow.

At this point I had NO money. Not a cent. Gerard had enough for himself but that was it. We decided we would hitch all the way to Yugoslavia and find someplace on the coast where we would wait for my girlfriend.

Our first day of hitching proved fruitless. We waited for four hours by the side of the road and not one person stopped. We decided that since the road we were on was not an expressway that it would be best to take a train to Innsbruck where we would surely be able to make a connection to a major thoroughfare going south. Gerard paid for our tickets.

When we got to Innsbruck we were for some reason surprized to learn that the train station was in the middle of the city and that the highway was at least an hour away. Hitching would be difficult. So, I again conned Gerard into buying us tickets further south into Italy where the hitching might be better.

On the way Gerard and I looked at a map and decided that an island on the Yugoslavian coast called Supetar was the place for us.

On the train we made friends with two english girls who were also headed south on vacation. When the train stopped we were all standing in the station wondering what to do next. Gerard whispered in my ear, "Ask her to buy you a train ticket, she will do it."

I was not so sure, but, I smiled at her and said, "Uh, I have no money and we need to get further, can you buy me a ticket to Split?"

She looked a little dissapointed, but said yes and gave me enough to take a train part of the way and a bus the rest.


As the train came into Yugoslavia the day was just breaking. Out of the window we could see the Adriatic shimmering and inviting. At one stop we could see a beach below and decided to hop off the train for a few hours to cool off in the ocean.

I, of course, had no swimsuit. Gerard was totally prepared with trunks and a towel. He jumped into some bushes and changed. I just took off my shirt and shoes.

The beach was great. There were tons of young bathing beauties for me to stare at while Gerard interested himself in the water.

We stayed for about two hours but when some local toughs started grouping together and scowling at us we decided it was time to split. We got back on the train and rode into the late afternoon.




When we made it to the island I was ecstatic. What a place. Blue water so clear you could all the way down even in the deepest parts. Gerard and I began what was to become

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Stuck in Vienna again….

December 2, 2004
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I don"t know why…but here I am. I am going a little crazy not having many people to speak english to. So many here think they speak perfect english, I just wish they would realize that their english really is worse than my German (and my german really sucks).

I have been here now since June of 2003. Had two different jobs (still at last one) and I gotta tell you, these europeans really do do things different. I am getting used to it (arghhh) but it is no easy task.

I just read "The European Dream" and while I found is interesting and full of insight, I think he missed the point.


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